Get In Touch

You can contact me in English or in Dutch 

Live or online 

Most of my sessions take place online. In some situations it's also possible to have a live session.  In that case: my practice is located in Wijchen, The Netherlands. Although my practice is easily accessible by public transport, distance does not have to be an obstacle – due to the possibility of online sessions!

During a first contact we determine together what is the best way for you to meet.

Send a message,  you questions  or which session you would like to book to: or send me a DM on my socials. I will contact you within 48 hours on working days.


What if I don't know what session/programm fits my situation? 

Just send me a email  or message and apply for a speed date - discovery call with me. I’d love to find out together what suits you best.   


I’m not a medical, financial or legal consultant. I work with thoughts and feelings, but find it important you get your facts straight!

So.. that’s being said.

If there’s a (tiny) possibility that your decision could, would, should have a relevant negative impact on your health, wealth etc. Always verify / consult your medical, financial, legal specialist. They don’t always have to agree with your intended decision or actions. But you can and must take there advice about the consequences in consideration and check with yourself if your willing and able to take the risk and/or be held responsible for the consequences of your action etc

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