Gain aligned clarity, answers or direction in your life or dilemma. 

Guidance & Mentoring so you will know what to do and feel more calm and confident about it.

Jus ask... 

a professional 

In challenging times and situations it's important to work with a professional. 

Someone who listens to you without judgement, you feel safe with. Understands you, but also kindly ad objectively reflects your own behaviors. 

Hi there, I’m Manja

I’m your “go to” person if you don’t know how to deal with, react to or make the right decision. And we're not talking about choosing the color for your new kitchen towels, car or hair. 

When you’re lying awake, distracted at work or feeling absent when you're with family or friends; it often has to do with - for you relevant and important - dilemmas, because of the impact on yourself, others, your future or your financial position. Whether it is about your job / business or your relationship.  Your boss or colleague, your romantic partner,  a family member or close friend, your ex or a neighbor. 

Recognize this? Are you making lists in your head with the pro’s and con’s, the do’s and don’ts, rehearse conversations/situations based on assumptions and stil can't figure it out. 

So many things to consider; practical, financial or -as said before- people you really care about or are responsible for are involved? It can really feel frustrating and be exhausting to deal with the pressure and stress this dilemma gives you, isn't it? Your reaction one this can evolve very differently. Feeling overwhelmed or lost and as a result, keep thinking aver and over again. Or "freeze" and do nothing. But in both scenarios nothing changes, while the urge - and pressure in you, your mind and even body -  will increase.

It’s likely – and I say this from experience – your thoughts have taking precedence over your feelings in this stage…. Trust me:  I’ve found myself in different life stages and situations in a probably similar position as you are right now. I also knew I had to do it myself. But I couldn’t do it alone.
I needed someone who could guide me towards the best solution or approach for me. 

In (online) sessions I help you to unravel your thoughts and feelings. Reconnect to your hearts desire. Let your intuition and heart speak and gain clarity from within. Insights which leads you to your direction, desired outcome or decision that really feels "right" and is aligned to who you are and your values.
You will know what to do and feel more calm and confident about it" 

I help dozens of clients a year. And even if they all should come with the same question, the answer will always be different. Because each person, each situation and circumstances are unique. And that also applies to my approach and guidance. And as said at the end of this page... Sometimes it is better to not take advice from a friend. Really... it isn't the same and even could be delaying or make it more difficult than it already is.  To read more about me and my background click here 

Want to get to know what session suits you best and at the same time get to know me better? Just press the button below for my offering, starting with a 20 minute online free " speeddate - discovery - call" with me or send me an email 

Why talking to family or friends won't do the trick

"a problem shared is a problem cut in half"

Recently I came across this line and couldn't agree more. But as said above.. talking to friends about serious dilemma's, or if you are trying to accept something deeply traumatic that happened to you in the past wouldn't help you for the best. And it can even make the situation worse or create a new one. Because I couldn't say it better I just share a part  with you. I don't know the original author. Sorry for that. 

"Of course it can be helpful to turn to friends - "a problem shared is a problem cut in half" - but it is risky to share raw and unresolved problems with loved ones before you understand them yourself. For example, you may not want to talk about feeling jealous, frustrated, or worthless until you've figured out where those feelings come from. Family and friends will care about you and want to defend and protect you, leaving you with a biased and unbalanced view. For example, if it is a relationship problem, they can put all the blame on your partner and reassure you that you are not to blame for all wrongdoings. While that may feel good right now, in reality you're preventing yourself from really figuring out what's going on and what this situation has come to teach you, even if the other person is wrong. Those close to you may also want to bring up a situation long after you've moved on, moving the problem into the future when it should stay in the past. If you have a friend or family member who can be objective, that's good, but that's not always the case

Well thanks a lot Manja, now you don’t know what to believe anymore. Not only from others, but you’re probably asking yourself:  'is this wat I really want or is it my head talking?

I’m I right?

I think so; otherwise you wouldn’t be visiting my website right now and kept reading so far.

If you already feel you I’m your guy, uh…guidance, sparringpartner or mentor to help you with your dilemma or decision… click the button below to explore your options to work with me.